My Success Rocket is a highly interactive direct sales-specific e-learning platform that features your brand and your content. It engages the new consultant, from the moment they sign up, through completion of their training.



Motivate business-building behaviors with points, rewards, and recognition. With step-by-step instructions for building their businesses, your consultants will know how to achieve success.



Maximize results with personalized coaching and action plans. Total visibility into consultant behaviors allows laser-focused coaching and builds a bond between the consultant and their trainer / upline.


Nancy Bogart

"Leaders are confident and ready to lead and stop wasting time doing long basic training. They can actually coach to success now. We love it and are excited to see our company grow with a consistent message for new Consultants that is fun and actually works! "

Nancy Bogart

Jordan Essentials, CEO
Dr. Steve Taubman

"My clients achieved stellar recruiting results using the Success Rocket platform. Participants were engaged, empowered, and inspired to step out of their comfort zone. Recruiting increased by an impressive 48%. Our users loved the rewards and points."

Dr. Steve Taubman

MLM Trainer
Michelle Leuthold

"We increased leader to consultant engagement, sales and sponsoring performance of new consultants went up significantly and we've created a consistent training process for all consultants. Furthermore, the staff at My Success Rocket is very accommodating to work with."

Michelle Leuthold

Simply Said, CEO


Our clients’ sales representatives say it best themselves. See how we empower consultants to start and grow their business.

I have to say that this method of training is about 1000% better than the original. I am learning some new things and refreshing old training I forgot! Whoever thought of this, I just want to say thanks!

~ Susan

LOVE this program!!! So much easier than paper trail (= Love all the extra added hoorahs as you complete sections as well. Thank you for doing this!!!! I could always say that training was included when signing up but this has taken that to a whole new level!!!

~ Pamela

Love this! I was apprehensive at first as I’m a creature of habit and change makes me a little nervous but it is so fun to go through each step and see your accomplishments.

~ Edie

I am LOVING the structure that training program is giving me!! It is keeping me motivated, focused and helping me to stay on track!!

~ Diana

I have been diligently following the program and had a breakthrough yesterday. My confidence level has soared, I now love the rush of talking to people instead of feeling awkward and intimidated. It works, it works!

~ Olivia

Wow, this is a great space to learn and communicate that takes us away from the distraction that Facebook can be! Also the chance to work at a pace that fits your life is in keeping with our values!

~ Daniella

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