5 Reasons Your Consultants Need a Coach

li-coachingNew sales reps left to their own devices are likely to do… drum roll please, less than you would hope for.

The fact is that successful people have coaches. Let me ask you, does Tiger Woods need a coach?  Does Michael Jordan need a coach? Of course not!  But, by having a coach, they are able to gain an edge. They are able to get more out of themselves than they ever could on their own.

Here’s how your consultants can benefit from having a coach:

Accountability – If the consultant says they are going to do something, a good coach will follow up, and if an agreed upon action is not followed through they will want to know why. A coach will talk openly and regularly with the consultant about progress towards her goals.

Focus – A coach will keep the consultant focused as they work through each stage of the journey from newbie to superstar. Keeping the new consultant focused on the task at hand is central to her success.

Motivation – Starting a new business is hard. There are many opportunities for the consultant’s enthusiasm to wane. The coach will help keep the new consultant’s spirit up by reminding her why she started her business in the first place. They are her cheerleader.

Resources – A coach will ensure the consultant understands all the available tools and techniques that will help her reach for the stars. They can also connect her with other consultants who have successfully achieved the goal she is striving for.

Challenge –  A good coach will challenge the consultant to push harder and to go the extra mile. They will also challenge a negative attitude and defeatist mind-set.

Every direct selling company wants their new consultants to get off to a better start. There are many ways to accomplish this goal: improved training methods and content, more desirable products, better incentives, etc.

One oft overlooked area is coaching. Personal coaching may be available but is often reserved for top leaders. The traditional coaching process simply does not scale. There are only so many hours in the day for coaches to be on the phone. It’s time for a new way to look at coaching.

Imagine what the new consultant experience would look like if each consultant was supported by a virtual coaching team that consisted of, for example, her upline, a Director, and someone from the home office. Now give the virtual coaching team complete visibility into what the new consultant is learning and the business building actions she is taking, and you’ve got a more effective onboarding process.

With this new way of onboarding, coaching responsibilities are shared amongst those who have a vested interest in the consultant’s success and the new consultant quickly builds a rapport and connection with your people and brand. It’s important to remember, people join your company because the love the product, they stick around because they love the community.


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