Case Study: New Training Platform Increases Client Satisfaction by 48%

Successful direct selling coach and trainer, Dr. Steve Taubman, transitioned his course, UnHypnosis for Direct Sellers, to the My Success Rocket platform and participating teams enjoyed a 48% increase in their business results in only 21 days. The Problem Previously, Dr. Steve offered his course as a book and audio training. Using this standard method of training delivery, he had little or no information about the course participants.

Dr. Steve did not know:

  • If the user started the course
  • When the user completed the course
  • If the user was successful as a result of the course

In short, he knew very little about how people were using and benefiting from his course. Dr. Steve realized he needed to find another way to offer this course, one that would provide him crucial information, such as:

  • When a user started
  • When they finished the course
  • How they were benefiting from the course

And a way for Dr. Steve to provide feedback to the user during the course The Solution Using the My Success Rocket platform for his course, Dr. Steve:

  • Quickly engaged the user, and kept them engaged; thereby accelerating their learning
  • Offered bite sized learning sessions that could easily be fit into a busy schedule and provide the user a sense of accomplishment and progress
  • Provided the ability to gauge user progress. As the course coach he now knew:
    • When each user started
    • Exactly where they were in the course
    • What business building actions they were taking
    • When they finished

Dr. Steve also wanted a way to motivate course participants to achieve their business building goals. To do so he leveraged the gamification features of the My Success Rocket platform.

  • Users were awarded points and badges for making progress in the course
  • Users received bonus points and badges for reporting back the specific business building actions they took that day
  • User achievements were ranked and displayed on a leaderboard, providing recognition to the achievers and motivation to other users

Results Achieved Dr. Steve achieved his goal of personally connecting with course participants as the My Success Rocket platform made it easy to offer encouraging feedback and coaching to the user.

Dr. Steve also leveraged the community forum so course participants could share their successes and tips with one another. The interaction features of the My Success Rocket platform gave Dr. Steve high confidence his program content was on target and provided significant value to the course participants.

By moving his course the My Success Rocket platform both Dr. Steve and course participants were able to achieve remarkable success.

A 48% increase in business results in only 21 days is a noteworthy accomplishment.

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