New Consultants: Catch ‘em and keep ‘em

fishingWhen was the last time you were excited when you signed up for something?

Perhaps you joined the hottest new gym in town. Your mind was racing: “I’m going to work out every day, eat better, run a 5K… look out, world!”

Well, we know how that likely turned out. When you joined the gym, it was the point of maximum excitement. It only goes down from there.

Your new consultants experience the same thing. They are super charged for only a short time. They have big dreams and want to sell like crazy, grow a team, win awards, and go on incentive cruises.

In Why the New Consultant Experience Sucks, we talked about the buzzsaw that is the typical new consultant experience. They’re overwhelmed with documents and lists of things to do. Their upline never reaches out to them and nobody from the company makes a welcome call.

Next thing you know, their friends are saying they’re crazy for getting involved with yet another direct sales company.

Your poor consultant faces an onslaught of negative feedback. The company is not doing its part to keep her on track and moving towards success. When the new consultant onboarding process is broken, your company will suffer the consequences.

The solution is to take a holistic view of the the new consultant experience. Everything you do must capitalize on the point of maximum enthusiasm. You need to get the new consultant enrolled into an engaging, educational, and motivational onboarding program before the excitement fades.

Keep tuned to our blog. In subsequent posts, we’ll cover the surefire steps for turning new consultants into sales and recruiting machines.


Allan McNaughton is a direct selling and gamification expert. Prior to starting My Success Rocket, he co-founded and ran a current DSA member company.

My Success Rocket uses technology to transform the way sales reps are trained, coached, and motivated, creating fired up reps who sell and recruit more than they ever thought possible. With our fully gamified, customizable e-learning and coaching platform, clients have seen 20% increases in the number of recruits who start their business and 40% increases in the sales of new consultants.