Top 7 ways to lose new direct selling consultants

Yeah, your new consultant just signed up after carefully researching your company!

In spite of overwhelming odds: the doubting spouse and relatives, the well meaning friends, a prior bad experience with another company that could have prevented them from joining, they bravely persevered.

Why? They are excited to start their new business with YOUR company and have a burning why (i.e. an important problem they want to solve)

They spent their hard earned money with great hopes but are very nervous and may doubt they can book parties or stand up in front of a crowd and sell the products.  In short, they have low confidence that they can do this.

They wait patiently for their starter kit to arrive and communications from their upline and the company to trickle in.

In most cases, it takes at least 4-7 days for their kit to arrive, which is a lot of time for the creeping doubts and the dream stealers to erode their self confidence and your quickly diminishing chance of keeping them as a consultant.

Compound their initial insecurity with the 7 problems outlined below, and you’ve sadly lost them as a consultant.

1.     Leave training solely up to the person who recruited them.  More and more people are joining companies without ever seeing or even talking to their upline or sponsor. Your new consultant feels disconnected right from the start and in many cases the sponsor or upline is not adequately trained herself, yet alone properly equipped to train another.

2.     Offer a fast start program where only a small percentage actually earn the rewards, and even those who do still have to wait 30 days for their awards.  Rewarding the stars is great but how does this build confidence in the majority of new consultants who are unlikely to achieve the goals laid out before them?

3.     Provide dull boring training and lots of it. For example…

  • A 30 minute training video in a kit that takes days to arrive. Plenty of time for their well meaning friends to steal their dreams.
  • Ask that they watch multiple long online videos, a sure way to kill their enthusiasm.
  • Give them a large handbook to read, which just makes your business look overwhelmingly difficult.

4.     Fail to quickly build their self confidence and belief they can succeed.  What systems or procedures do you have in place to quickly build their self-confidence in the first week or two? This is crucial!

5.     Provide little or no feedback from the company and upline as they progress thru the training program. Everybody loves working in a vacuum, right. Wrong!

6.     Not knowing their why.  Their “Why”, the reason they joined your company is what keeps them going in spite of all the trials and tribulations that will try to sabotage their direct selling business.

7.     Offer an ineffective training program.  Most are.

Not sure if you belong to this not so exclusive club? Out of the last 100 new consultants you signed up, Do you know how many new consultants…

  • Started their training?
  • Finished their training?
  • Actually did anything with what they were trained on?
  • Achieved their fast start rewards?

It is no wonder that so many new consultants quit and fail.  And by the way, the answer to this crippling problem is not to recruit more consultants.

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