Why the New Consultant Experience Sucks

poor-customer-feedback2The new consultant onboarding experience of most companies needs improvement. Back when I ran a direct selling company, I signed up as a consultant at a number of our competitors (an inexpensive way to conduct market research).

What happened next convinced me that our industry still has much work to do.

Here I was, the new consultant at the point of maximum enthusiasm, likely to never be this excited again about my business. If I was lucky, I’d receive a helpful welcome email right after joining. Sometimes, there was nothing but silence until business hours rolled around. On occasion, it took days to hear from the company. I could feel my excitement fading by the moment.

Upon logging into the company’s back office, I was presented with a blizzard of information. Links to all sorts of trainings, documents to read, videos to watch, incentive programs to review. My focus was on starting my business, but the typical back office has so much information available that I ended up doing everything but.

The situation didn’t improve when my kit showed up. It often included a hefty training manual, filled with policies & procedures, ordering details, booking scripts, personal website directions, social media tips, and much more. I felt completely overwhelmed.

I didn’t need to know all this stuff up front. I didn’t even have a party lined up. Pretty soon I was thinking, “Wow, this all seems so complicated. How am I ever going to make money doing something so difficult?”

Today’s consumer has been conditioned by companies like Apple and Google to expect simplicity. The direct selling industry is failing at simplicity. It’s no wonder that so many new consultants never start their business. We’re burying the new consultant under a mountain of documents and activities.

I’m trying to solve this problem. Explore our blog to see what makes for an engaging new consultant experience and how to create one for your company.


Allan McNaughton is a direct selling and gamification expert. Prior to starting My Success Rocket, he co-founded and ran a current DSA member company.

My Success Rocket uses technology to transform the way sales reps are trained, coached, and motivated, creating fired up reps who sell and recruit more than they ever thought possible. With our fully gamified, customizable e-learning and coaching platform, clients have seen 20% increases in the number of recruits who start their business and 40% increases in the sales of new consultants.