Your New Consultants Are Drowning

drowningWhat’s the number one thing a new consultant needs to do to get her business started? Is it understanding your compensation program, or perhaps learning how to place an order, or maybe mastering hostess coaching?

None of the above learning activities will help the new consultant get her business started. The only activity that accomplishes this goal is getting bookings on the calendar.

Sure, every company has important things for new consultants to learn. But please, let’s turn off the information firehose. Your consultants are drowning in a sea of information they don’t need to know right when they start.

We’ve worked with many companies to transform their Fast Start training programs into effective and engaging systems that give each valuable new recruit a higher rate of success, leading to increased retention, and higher sales and recruiting.

The most common issue when moving a client’s training to our e-learning, coaching, and motivation platform is the client’s believe that the new consultant has to learn everything about the company, its products, and programs before starting.

Nothing kills a recruits momentum faster.

You should teach only what is necessary for the consultant to get on the phone and get her first bookings lined up. She can learn the remainder of what she needs to know about the business in the time between joining and her first parties.

Keep tuned to our blog. In subsequent posts, we’ll cover the surefire steps for turning new consultants into sales and recruiting machines.


Allan McNaughton is a direct selling and gamification expert. Prior to starting My Success Rocket, he co-founded and ran a current DSA member company.

My Success Rocket uses technology to transform the way sales reps are trained, coached, and motivated, creating fired up reps who sell and recruit more than they ever thought possible. With our fully gamified, customizable e-learning and coaching platform, clients have seen 20% increases in the number of recruits who start their business and 40% increases in the sales of new consultants.